Dodekanisos Express.


Dodekanisos Express.


General Conditions

1. The ticket is personal, bears the name of the passanger, it cannot be handed over and it is valid only for the category and the trip for which it has been issued. 

2. Passengers should check-in at teast 30 minutes before sailing time. 

3. Passengers are entitled to a refund of 50% of the rate if cancellation has been effected before the departure. Refunds are effective only by the issuing office upon the Shipowning Company's authorization. 

4. Children 4 to 10 years old pay half the adult fare. 

5. It is strictly forbidden to carry-in flammables, explosives, or generally dangerous for the passengers and the ship substances. 

6. Valuables can be deposited in the Accounting Office of the ship. If the passenger keeps his personal belongings, the Ship-owning Company declines all responsibility in case of loss or damage. 

7. Passengers must comply with the instructions and regulations of the port authorities. 

8. Drivers are responsible for embarkation and disembarkation of their vehiclues according to the ship's instruction. 

9. Drivers are requested to enter the garage without the passengers of their cars. Passengers are not allowed to leave the vessel after embarkation and before reaching their destination. 

10. Passengers are requested to take with them from the car any item, which they may need during the voyage, since access in the garage will not permitted during the voyage. 

11. Open date tickets are valid for 6 months after the date of issue;eventual fare differences will be collected. Holders of open date tickets must make reservation in due time. 

12. The category of the vehicle is written on the ticket according the passenger's declaration. 

13. In case of loss the ticket is not refundable or replaceable. 

14. The Ship-owning Company reserves the right upon authorization of the Ministry of Merchant Marine, to change the sequence of the visiting ports and/or to replace the ship, for which the ticket has been issued, with another ship, after informing the passengers in advance. 

15. Passengers visiting to carry domestic animals are obliged to declare it when they issue their tickets. Passengers shall be fully responsible for the safety and care the animals and obey all prevating sanitary and safety regulations of the authorities and of the Ship-owning Company. 

16. The passenger-owner of this ticket has been informed of the above conditions and accepted them unreservedly on the issue of the ticket.


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